Don´t do just glamping in Alcobaça !

Glamping in Alcobaça and the city of Alcobaça are to be discovered. A famous saying is “if you visit Alcobaça, you always will visit again“. Very close you will find also a small holiday eco resort where you can experience glamping as it is meant to be. Why do we say this?

We do not want mainstream glamping. You?

Glamping comes from the words “glamourous camping“. It started in the days that you needed to take everything with you to camp. To prevent that, we got familiar with the first “equipped tents” and “mobile homes”. In France whole campsite were redeveloped with hundreds of “mobile homes”. In Croatia I remember to have booked an equipped tent where the tents were place 0.5 meter from each other. No privacy outside and inside you could hear everything from the neighbours…….

We already do see this happening in Portugal. Glamping gets mainstream. This means “market” and a lot of campings and holiday resorts already have developed a part of their plot for “glamping” accommodations. Unfortunately they start to look a like. Economy of scale is resulting in sites with quickly 20 or more similar tents, yurts, lodges or air bubbles. Privacy is often sacrificed but the looks are nice. One even more luxurious than the other and prices are going up to compete or overclass the 5 star hotels…..

So be different – Welcome at Eco Glamping in Alcobaça

If you are not into overcrowed, overrated and efficiency driven glamping experiences, feel free to discover the the small scale set up of glamping accommodations. They exist, try glamping in Alcobaça!

Enjoy Glamping in Alcobaça.

Glamping Simplicity. Enjoy glamping is all about simplicity, close to nature and with friends and family.
We have 4 unique glamping accommodations at huge plots surrounded by nature. They are part of a small familiy holiday eco resort close to Alcobaça with in total 10 accommodations, 2 nice heated swimming pools, gardens, small forrest, mini-golf, animals and many things to do or….. just to do nothing.

Family Holiday Eco Resort Casa Cantiga_Alcobaça
Family Holiday Eco Resort Casa Cantiga

Most accommodations at our glamping in Alcobaça locations are consisting of each 2 individual units so parents and kids or friends have their privacy. The 2 units share a nice terras and garden with (partial outdoor) kitchen, a big BBQ and of course a private bathroom in a separarate building. They are situated on a big plot to assure your privacy towards the other guest.
If you like to imagine to hit to road, try out our Ford Vintage Camper. The (sleeping) area for 4 is small but once your step out of your camper, you have all the space your need! (and a hammock)

Glamping in alcobaça - family holidays in a child-friendly resort_Tents Toca
Glamping in alcobaça_small-scale glamping holiday Portugal at Casa Cantiga
Glamping holiday Portugal in small and child-friendly holiday resort
glamping silvercoast silberküste portugal Alcobaça Nazaré

So visit us for glamping in Alcobaça, you have all convience and functionality for a perfect stay. Feel nature close, feel free. Prices are moderate to allow everybody to experience glamping.

Alcobaça – city of love …..and much more!

At the Silver Coast of Portugal, you will find the city of Alcobaça. This “city of love” is situated 10 km from the sea (Nazaré). The city, in fact better to say “litte town” has just enough restaurants and terraces to make it cosy to visit and stay! Our monestry occupies a big part of the center and in the church you will find the graves of the king Don Pedro and his wife Donna Inês. What has this to do with “the city of love”?…..visit Alcobaça and find out the most incredible love story of Portugal and Spain!

After absorbing this incredible story, you have to drink our local produced cherry liquer “Ginja of Alcobaça“, try out our doces conventueis , visit our wine museum (the largest in Portugal) and ask in the restaurant for the local specialty “Malhodo de Alcobaça“. Check out below more specialities and don´t forget the beautiful city park “parque verde” or the garden of Love (Jardim de Amor). It is all possible during your glamping in Alcobaça holiday!

Conventual Pastries – Cidade dos Doces Conventueis

Holiday Portugal_traditional sweets from alcobaça

The best pastry shops of Alcobaça, awarded countless times, offer throughout the year the result of research and collection of forgotten recipes adapted to the present day.

These are true wonders, created through 1001 experiences, long practice and dedication, patience and devotion; just like the liqueurs that throughout the centuries have been surrounded by secrecy are temptations available to all who visit Alcobaça.

The richness of Portuguese confectionery has much of its origins in Portuguese convents and monasteries. The egg whites used to make communion wafers or to iron habits left behind the yolks, which, so as not to be wasted, led nuns and friars to perfect ancestral and familiar recipes, creating or recreating sweets rich in sugar, yolks and fruit (dried or seasonal).

Fabrics – Chita de Alcobaça

Holiday Portugal_chita de alcobaça

The so-called Chita de Alcobaça is characterised by the use of very colourful stereotyped patterns of Indo-European influence, illustrated with wide stripes of varied decoration where birds, exotic birds, animals, flowers, fruits, human figures, cornucopias, amphorae, nests and tropical fruits appear. Each pattern has its own name, (Persian; Viana; Belmonte; etc.), existing in different versions depending on the colour of the bar.

This tradition of the Alcobaça printed fabric is still going on today. It gains new life in the hands of excellent artisans and designers who create new applications for this characteristic national product.

Crockery – Loiça de Alcobaça

Holiday Portugal_pottery of alcobaça

You can get lost in the traces of pottery practice in the Alcobaça region, which is probably related to the large clay deposits in the region as well as to the presence of the Cistercian monks who also marked the art of working the clay. The Alcobaça ceramic ware, commonly known from north to south of the country as Loiça de Alcobaça, is easily identified through its yellow, green, violet and red tones over a predominant blue background. The Alcobaça’s Crockery – from the fruit bowl to the vase, from the ornamental plate to the coat rack – had a good acceptance, entering in the most diverse houses, either in Europe or America.

Apples – Maçã de Alcobaça

Holiday in Portugal Silver Coast with the apples of alcobaça

Maçã de Alcobaça is the denomination of the apple qualified as IGP – Protected Geographical Indication – of several varieties- in 1994. The apples produced in this region have distinct characteristics which gather unique conditions for the production of high quality apples. The “Maçã de Alcobaça” is a national product, produced in the west coast municipalities.
The Apple of Alcobaça includes different apple varieties, such as Casa Nova, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Royal Gala, Fuji, Granny smith, Jonagold, Reineta and Pink.

Alcobaça, very nice town but do you know the neighbour town Nazaré? Check it out!

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