Great eco glamping close to Nazaré

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Nazaré, what a town, what a waves, what a sea wind and what a humidity! Perfect to visit during your holiday but to stay over….. you might prefer a spot just land inwards, glamping close to Nazaré.
Eco glamping Portugal has 2 small scale holiday parks with unique glamping accommodations some 15 km from Nazaré. A perfect combination!

Discover Nazaré

Nazaré became world famous in the last decade. Why? Because one of its visitors, Garrett McNamara, extreme sports surfer, was in Nazaré just at the right moment, the moment of the biggest waves of the world. These waves have been happening since time immemorial, but nobody before thought of surfing them.
He started to pioneer and put Nazaré on the map.

Praia do Norte

North Beach Nazaré - statue biggest waves explorers

Now a world-famous beach, thanks to the viral photos of surfers riding its record-breaking waves, this actually remains a rather wild and peaceful place throughout the year. In the summer, it’s an alternative to Praia da Nazaré for sunbathers, while in autumn it’s a mecca for surfers and spectators of the sport. Discover the beaches of Nazaré here

São Miguel Arcanjo Fort

Holiday Nazaré_ fort S. Miguel biggest waves of the world

A 16th-century fortress, that protected the coast and guided ships, stands over Praia do Norte, offering a view over the coastline, and presenting exhibitions related to Nazaré’s surfing culture. It’s also where spectators stand to watch the pros riding the record-breaking waves.

Sun-Dried Fish

Experience dried fish at nazaré beach

As you approach the central area of Praia da Nazaré you begin to detect a pungent smell. It comes from the fish drying in the sun, a centuries-old tradition that’s now kept alive as an outdoor museum exhibit. The building across the road also explains the process and the history behind it.

Other discoveries

Nazaré lives 365 days per year. A huge boulevard with shops, restaurants and bars between the port and the North beach, a funicular to go up to Sitio with nice views and a church worth to visit. Don´t forget the outdoor activities like 4×4 off road, dolphin observations, and many, many more. Perfect to explore and also perfect to leave and drive to your quite holiday accommodations, glamping close to Nazaré.

Discover glamping close to Nazaré

Glamping “Rural Escape @ Friends”

rural escape portugal_glamping close to Nazaré_tenda bambu

At a small quinta with in total 6 accommodations, we 3 glamping accommodations. 1 safari tent and 2 tiny houses in lodge style. Situated between the fruit tree fields, you share a nice dark blue pool. Enjoy sun and shade, take a dive and prepare your BBQ. Enjoy!

Glamping at a Family Holiday Eco resort

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At small eco resort with in total 10 accommodations, we have 4 glamping accommodations. 1 Ford vintage camper, 1 accommodation consisting of 2 tented houses, 2 accommodations with each 2 nature lodges. Lot of privacy, 2 heated pools and lots of possibilities to enjoy family fun. Or just do nothing and relax in one of the many hammocks. Welcome!

Nazare and Alcobaça

Alcobaça as municipality is surrounding on all sides Nazaré, with exception of the sea side. The rivers Alcoa and baça join together in ….Alcobaça and are flowing into the sea at Nazaré. These 2 towns enhance their cooperation which should result, in a few years, in a 10 km long hiking and biking track along the river between the 2 towns. We can´t wait!
But you do not have to wait. Your rental car will bring you in 20 minutes from our eco glamping locations to the “biggest waves”!

Beach apartment SolMAR

holiday at silvercoast beach Portugal close to Nazaré

Another nice idea for your holiday is to stay over in our beach apartment, just 10 km north of Nazaré at one of the most beautful beaches of the Silver coast. We have bikes available for your trip along the coastline. the apartment is waterfront, has a huge roof terrace and the small town of Paredes da Vitoria even remains cozy even in the summer period. check it out!

Glamping close to Nazaré – glamping close to Nazaré

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